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Boost Your Credit Score with Authorized User Tradelines

Learn how adding tradelines to your credit report can help you achieve financial success.

Authorized user tradelines refer to credit accounts that appear on a person’s credit report because they have been added to the account as an authorized user. Essentially, an authorized user is someone who has been given permission to use someone else’s credit account, typically by the primary account holder.

When an individual is added as an authorized user on someone else’s credit account, the entire credit history of that account is reported on the individual’s credit report. This can have a positive impact on the individual’s credit score, especially if the account has a long history of on-time payments and a low utilization rate.

The most important things when it comes to AU Tradelines is that you have no negative items, low amount of inquiries, and low utilization PER card. On each card it’s best that you have less than 20% per card preferably. AU Tradelines are used to boost your scores to get higher limit cards, auto loans, personal loans, and etc.

When it comes to the price it varies on how much history and limits you want. Minimum atleast $350 for a slot on a card but the longer the history and the higher the limit the more it will be.

You will remain on the card for 60 days from when the card reports not when added. Once the 60 days are you are welcome to stay on longer for a discounted price and you will get another 60 days.

We do offer discounts if you want multiple AU  tradelines as well.

AU Tradelines usually report 3-14 days after the statement date of the card. For instance, if the statement date of that particular card is the 13th that means that card should report on your credit report anywhere from the 16th-27th.

In order for authorized user tradeline to report in that month you would need to be added before that statement date of that particular card. If you are added after the statement date then it will report the following month 3-14 days after the statement date.

After we have received payment for the authorized user tradeline of your choice, you will get added to the tradeline and you will receive a screenshot of proof that you have been added to the line. I will say give us about 24-48 hours to provide proof of the screenshot.

Once added then you just wait for it post and just remember the statement date and you will know exactly the time frame it will post around. Once the tradeline has posted to your credit report then you can start applying for whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish with your credit.

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